Homes located near forest areas are vulnerable to damage, or complete loss, if a wildfire should start in the area. Not only do the types of structural components affect the amount of damage that will be sustained, but the area around the home can contribute to fire risk.

To help you measure your home's fire risk, and to enable you to determine where improvements need to be made, use the Home Fire Risk form. Fill out the form carefully and honestly.

Site Hazards

Surrounding Trees (within 30 feet)

Types of Trees
No trees within 30'
Hardwoods (trees with deciduous leaves)
Mixed (hardwoods and conifers/evergreens)
Conifer/evergreens (non-deciduous)

Less than 150' long
150' or longer with 45' turn-around
longer than 150' with no turn-around
width less than 12'

No gate or unlocked/open
gate locked

Ladder Fuels

Underbrush and low branches present?
Yes No

Type of Ground Cover

Majority of type of coverage within 30'.
Sand, Gravel, etc (Non-combustible)
Grasses up to 6" tall
Grasses over 6" - 12"
Forest leaf litter
Shrubs with leaves
Shrubs with needles

Firewood or Fuel Storage

(e.g., propane/oil tanks/firewood piles)
0 to 3' from structure
3' to 30' from structure
30'+ from structure

Brush Piles / Slash

0 to 3' from structure
3' to 30' from structure
30'+ from structure

Gas Cans, Paint, etc. stored onsite?

0 to 3' from structure
3' to 30' from structure
30'+ from structure

Property at top of slope?

Yes No

Open burning done here?

Yes No

Outbuildings within 20' of structure?

Yes No

Total Site Hazard =

Structural Hazards

Roofing materials

Metal, tile, or fiberglass
Asphalt shingles/rolled roofing
Wood (Cedar shingles)


Enclosed (Fireproof, i.e., concrete, metal)
Enclosed with wood or vinyl sheeting

Exterior wall materials


Decks and overhangs?


Total structural hazard =

Hazard Reductions


Trees pruned up to 6'
Lot cleared of brush within 30'
Grass kept watered and short
Leaves/needles raked
3' of gravel or non-flammable material adjacent to structure


Regularly cleaned roof
Non-flammable skirting on decks
Clear of flammable material against structure


Useable water supply nearby
Fire fighting equipment - hose, ladder, shovel
Communication system (phone, radio)
Knowledge of fire reporting number
Burn barrel/incinerator to standard
Outbuildings hazard-free

Total Hazard Reduction =