Fuels Reduction

Using the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) for Santa Fe County we have identified and prioritized areas for fuel reduction. The wildland crew is trained to perform fuel reduction in different fuel types using different treatment prescriptions. Arroyo Hondo, Apache Ridge, and Edgewood are a few projects the crew is working on in 2008.

Home Assessments

We can meet with homeowners one on one to help identify measures a homeowner can take to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildland fire.


We provide and coordinate wildland fire training for the 15 fire districts and paid staff of Santa Fe County.

Initial Attack

The wildland division is fully NWCG qualified and during the heat of the season while out in the project areas we are ready for initial attack should a fire break in the area.


Why We Do It

Fire danger has steadily increased over the past 80 to100 years, fire seasons have been getting longer and drier, and people continue to build in the wildland urban interface. The need for education and prevention is greater now than ever and reducing the threat of a catastrophic wildand fire while providing safety for fire fighters and the public is our goal.

Lessons Learned

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20 April 2017
20 April 2017
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