Property Assessments

Home owner assessments consists of two parts: one is to educate the homeowner on ways to reduce risk to their property in the event of a wildfire; the other is to gather important information in specific communities which we utilize to create maps and documents for fire agencies responding to a fire.assessment results

When we canvas an area, we do a very brief assessment to get an idea of the overall hazards. We also take GPS coordinates, and gather information such as available water sources, fire apparatus accessibility, and alternate means of egress. If a homeowner is home at the time we arrive and has questions, we'll be happy to talk to them. At any time, a homeowner can give us a call and schedule a more thorough home assessment. More thorough assessments can be helpful should a homeowner want to apply for grants to create defensible space around their home.

We also create maps, and informational documents which are available for not only Santa Fe County Fire, but also any outside agencies responsible for responding to a wildland event in the areas we cover. This information can be extremely helpful in aiding departments unfamiliar with the area.

 The brief assessments are also available via Google Earth. The links below will take you to each area that we have completed. If you have not installed the Google Earth Plugin, or your browser does not support it, the assessments are still viewable in Google Maps. There is an option on the page to switch to "Hybrid" view. This will bring up Google Maps hybrid view with our information overlayed on it. 

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20 April 2017
20 April 2017
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